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Choosing of the shower tray is an important decision. True, the shape of the shower tray in plan view is defined by the shape of the shower enclosure but there are many different types, designs and depths.

Firstly, there is a choice between very low and shallow shower trays which fit perfectly in the interiors of modern bathrooms (5 cm high), shower trays with average, popular height (between 7 and 17cm) and high shower trays (30-40cm) with 20-30cm depth.

There's a reason we offer such a variety of shower trays. Their dimensions are not only a matter of aesthetics, but it has also a significant impact on functionality of the set and user's convenience.

According to our experience, deep shower trays often are selected for the apartments where size of the bathroom does not allow to install properly comfortable bathtub but then a deep shower tray works well, eg. When bathing a small baby.

Shallow shower trays in conjunction with shower enclosures with a wide entrance often find appreciation among the elderly, where such an arrangement greatly facilitates daily hygiene. It's a great example of a combination of beauty and functionality of modern design.

Besides that, it remains how to install the shower tray. While these ultra-shallow shower trays models are exclusively installed on the floor, the higher models are installed on the rack or a polystyrene foam base and allow you to mask their construction with acrylic panel or ceramic tiles.


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