Visio Slim – modern linear drainage system
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Shower enclosure without a shower tray as a modern vision of bathroom design

Surely you have seen more than once A shower enclosure mounted on the floor. This is a very modern solution that optically enlarges the space and gives it lightness. It will work great in small bathrooms, but not only. Such The way the shower enclosure is installed gives us many design possibilities.

The question is often asked what about the water that has collected after bathing? It is necessary to take care of its proper drainage.

With such a configuration, the best option will be a reliable linear drainage system that will allow water to drain smoothly.

Visio Slim linear drains – match the color to the cabin details

In addition to the fact that our linear drains complement the interior of the bathroom, they also meet all safety standards – of course, they must be well installed. Remember that at the stage of designing the bathroom, we should assess how much water consumption and, most importantly, the size of the shower will be. We take these parameters under attention when determining what length the grate should be and what slope it should have so that the drain can adequately perform its role.

The Visio Slim kit includes:

  • Drainage gutter
  • Grid
  • Adjustable feet with mounting and anchoring components
  • Sealing membrane
  • Siphon made of 100% polypropylene
  • Installation instructions